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Protecting your devices and managing your Norton product is as easy as adding a new device in your Norton account. Follow these instructions to install or reinstall your Norton product that is registered to your account.

If you have received your Norton product from your service provider, then read Install Norton from your service provider.

Download and install your Norton product on your computer
  1. Sign In to Norton.

  2. If you are not signed in to Norton already, you will be prompted to sign in. Type in your email address and password for Norton, and click Sign In.

    If you do not have an account, click Create an Account , and then complete the sign-up process.

  3. In the Get Started page, click Download Norton .

    If you have a product key you have not yet registered to your account, click Enter a new product key to continue.

    Type the product key and click >. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the product.

  4. Click Agree & Download

    If you have more than one Norton product in your account, Choose the product you want to download and click Next.

    Click Load More if the product you desire to download is not visible in the list.

    To install on Another Device, click Send a Download Link. Read I want to install my Norton Product on a different device to continue installing on another device.

  5. Do one of the following depending on your browser:

    • For Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser: Click Run.

    • For Firefox or Safari: On the top-right corner of the browser, click the Download option to view the downloaded files, and double-click the file that you downloaded.

    • For Chrome: On the bottom-left corner, double-click the file that you downloaded.

  6. If the User Account Control window appears, click Continue.

    Follow the on-screen instructions.

  7. Your Norton product is now installed and activated.

Norton Free

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Norton Free

Norton Free

Norton has more features in the form of ransomware protection and parental controls. Norton antivirus has pricing available per month with no commitment. As is expected, annual rates have a larger discount, Norton download gives you the option to pay as you go, unlike many other antiviruses. Rates for a single device are already reasonable, making a multi-device plan far more affordable than the competition. Norton download packs in the features to back up the rate, but is safe and secure. Norton download offers a free antivirus for Windows and Android that provides relief from the pricing. For example, you could purchase a single-user plan for your desktop and still get protection for your mobile device with a free plan.

Norton Free power of two

Once the installation is done, Norton download will run a full scan, setting a baseline for your system. The scan is run in the background and, from what we can tell, is faster than a normal scan. Since this is a lightweight check, so you can still use your machine. Additional scans can be carried out with the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the interface. There are three scan modes: full, custom and what we call “critical areas.�

Grab the Norton Free Connected advantage

Scrolling down reveals more icons — 23 on Premium Security. Each icon represents the different components of your antivirus package, everything from the file shredder to the password manager. There are other utility icons, such as support and products, as well. Those last two settings can be accessed by clicking the three dash icons in the top left of the UI. That menu is a more familiar control area for antiviruses, where you can manage your devices, products and settings.

Keep your customers safe and your business growing

The Anti-Malware Standards Organization’s feature setting check for desktop antiviruses was the first batch of tests that were run. Norton blocked all files from downloading, and also generating download files. Overall, the built-in protection of nNorton download was more effective in these tests. Norton Security is an affordable antivirus that comes with a feature set to match the expectations. That glitz doesn’t hold substance, though, with a strong VPN and password manager offering. The same holds true for the interface, which stumbles when you apply pressure.

Norton Free partner ecosystem

Norton download is rated as one of the most secure antiviruses on the market. Not only does Norton Antivirus have nearly perfect malware-detection scores, but it also offers great value, with a strong selection of extra tools. You'll find a built-in password manager, a secure browser, VPN client software, protection against encrypting ransomware and automatic profiles that optimize Norotn impact on your system, depending on whether you're working, watching a movie or playing a game.

Intel Norton Free Partner Program Ecosystem
Program Category Resell Technology
Partner Type

Partner Level
Solution Provider


Value Added
  • Global Alliance
  • AVG Activate Innovation Alliance
  • Embedded & OEM
  • Global System Integrator
Managed Services Specialization Yes Yes Yes    
Service Delivery Specialization* Yes Yes Yes   Yes
Support Provider Specialization** Yes        
Partnership Benefits
  • Business Enablement
  • Profitability Programs
  • Sales Support
  • Enablement Training
  • Technical Support

*Service Delivery Specialization will be available 2H 2015.

**Formerly Norton Authorized Support Provider Program (MASP)